List of tallest and shortest famous people and celebrities by profession. Select profession to find out how tall they really are.

A: Activist, Architect, Astronaut, Athlete, Australian Rules Footballer, Autobiographer

B: BMX Rider, Badminton Player, Baseball Player, Baseball Umpire, Basketball Player, Bassist, Biathlete, Blogger, Blues Singer, Bobsledder, Bodybuilder, Boxer, Bull Rider, Business Executive

C: Cartoonist, Cellist, Chef, Chess Player, Children''s Author, Choreographer, Cinematographer, Circus performer, Citizen, Civil Rights Leader, Coach, Comedian, Comic Book Author, Competitive Eater, Composer, Conductor, Construction worker, Country Singer, Cricket Player, Criminal, Curler, Cyclist

D: DJ, Dancer, Darts Player, Director, Discus Thrower, Diver, Doctor, Drummer

E: Economist, Engineer, Entrepreneur, Equestrian, Explorer

F: Family Member, Fashion Designer, Fencer, Field Hockey Player, Figure Skater, Film Producer, Film director, Flute Player, Folk Singer, Football Player, Frisbee Player, Funk Singer

G: Game Show Host, Golfer, Gospel Singer, Grappler, Guitarist, Gunfighter, Gymnast

H: Handball Player, Historian, Hockey Player, Horse Jockey, Hurdler, Hurler

I: Instagram Star, Inventor

J: Javelin Thrower, Jazz Singer, Journalist, Judoka

L: Lacrosse Player, Lawyer, Luger

M: MMA Fighter, Magician, Makeup Artist, Memoirist, Metal Singer, Model, Motorcycle Racer, Mountaineer, Movie Actor, Movie Actress, Music Producer

N: NASCAR crew chief, Netball Player, News Anchor, Non-Fiction Author, Novelist

O: Official, Opera Singer

P: Painter, Personal Trainer, Philosopher, Photographer, Pianist, Pilot, Playwright, Poet, Political Wife, Politician, Pop Artist, Pop Singer, Professional Poker Player, Punk Singer, Puppeteer

R: R&B Singer, Race Car Driver, Racquetball Player, Radio Host, Rapper, Reality Star, Referee, Reggae Singer, Religious Leader, Rock Climber, Rock Singer, Rower, Royalty, Rugby Player, Runner

S: Sailor, Saxophonist, Scientist, Screenwriter, Self-Help Author, Sharpshooter, Sheriff, Shot Putter, Singer, Skateboarder, Skier, Skydiver, Sled dog musher, Snooker Player, Snowboarder, Soap Opera Actor, Soap Opera Actress, Soccer Player, Softball Player, Soldier, Songwriter, Soul Singer, Speed Skater, Sports Executive, Sportscaster, Sprint Canoer, Squash Player, Stage Actor, Stage Actress, Stunt Performer, Supreme Court Justice, Surfer, Swimmer

T: TV Actor, TV Actress, TV Producer, TV Show Host, Tattoo Artist, Teacher, Tennis Player, Triathlete, Trumpet Player

U: US President

V: Vine Star, Violinist, Voice Actor, Volleyball Player

W: Wakeboarder, War Hero, Water Polo Player, Weight Lifter, World Leader, World Music Singer, Wrestler

Y: YouTube Star, Young Adult Author